Because it's more than just a game.


Character development is a central focus at the hockey academy, emphasizing the importance of instilling values such as teamwork, integrity, and perseverance alongside on-ice skills. Students grow into well-rounded individuals who carry these principles beyond the rink. Through discipline and dedication, the academy fosters resilience, confidence, and leadership abilities to excel in all aspects of life, producing exceptional individuals both on and off the ice.

Community Involvment

The cornerstone of resilience and progress, fostering a sense of belonging, empowerment, and collective responsibility for student-athletes. By actively engaging in community initiatives, our athletes contribute to the betterment of society, whether through volunteering, participating in local governance, or supporting grassroots projects.

Life Skills

Playing youth sports can provide a range of valuable life skills beyond just athletic abilities. RHA student-athletes are known for their exeptional teamwork, leadership, communication, time-management, discipline, resilience and sportmanship skills as they move onto the next stage of life.

Community Awareness

RHA is not your typical hockey experience and ensuring our student-athletes understand the prevelence and priveledge of participating in a Acredited School System is a priority of our organization. By cultiviating self-awarness, student-athletes gain insights into their strengths, weaknesses and values, enabling them to make informed decisions about their future.