The RHA student athletes school day will be modified to allow maximum time for school and training needs. The teams will travel and compete mostly outside the province at the highest levels on both sides of the border during the full school year. Shaftesbury appointed team liaison will ensure players meet standards and academic readiness for post secondary applications and career choices.


Our student athletes are on the ice every day. During the week, student-athletes take part in structural practices and skill development sessions. Each team works closely with their respective program’s dedicated skills coach, as well as various other off ice seminars such as video work, mental training and nutrition.


Building Values For The Future

Hockey players and parents have long written off their winters to the grind of the season. A typical day in the life of an RHA student-athlete allows for their school, hockey and training to be completed during the day. With school in the mornings and training in the afternoon, players can expect to have all activities finished and completed by 5:00PM daily.

Shaftesbury provides a supportive and familiar place for students to write their SATs in preparation for application to NCAA and CIS universities and colleges up to three times per year. 

Students-athletes will be able to earn up to eight credits during each year of the Academy. This flexible, customized, schedule is designed with the players in mind to allow 32+ high school credits throughout their 4 years. 


A Look Into The Life

Student-athletes will participate in classes throughout the morning and travel to the ice rink after class. Players will be on the bus by 11:30AM daily and heading to the RINK Training Centre for their ice times, classroom session and workout. They will be working at their skills with position specific training or small group sessions with the RINK Player Development coaches as well as with their full teams and team coaches doing skills and tactical training.

Our players will start their day early, with core high school classes offered in a customized curriculum to offer a shorter morning class in order to accommodate their educational needs in the half-day format. This class runs all year as opposed to the typical half-year class. They have three “regular” class times, followed by another custom class to end their school day.


Pembina Trails School Division

We are proud to be working with Shaftesbury High School in the Pembina Trails School Division for the education component of the RINK Hockey Academy. 

Shaftesbury High School offers a full range of compulsory and optional courses in the areas of traditional academics, athletics and the arts. In addition, they also offer a full slate of Honours and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for our students who wish to challenge themselves beyond the high school curricula.

Shaftesbury High School has a proven track record of providing flexible and enriching academic programming for our high caliber hockey players. 

A student advisor will be designated to help the players with academic and post-hockey career planning, research various CIS and NCAA universities and colleges and will liaison with our teachers to ensure that our players are reaching their academic goals. A minimum GPA of 2.7 is required to participate in all programming. 

For more information on Shaftesbury High School or Pembina Trails School Division visit their website.