By Scott Taylor
Photos by Dylan Asmundson

A time will always come during a game when RINK Hockey Academy U16 Prep head coach Jeff Borse will look down his bench and see The Trio. Forwards Connor Bear, Hudson Brehaut and Kaleb Dewar will be sitting alongside each other and Borse will give them all a tap and yell, "OK, Sask Boys, you're up!" The combination of hustle, enthusiasm and aggressiveness will make him smile. "We carry 11 players, so sometimes, they'll be on the same line," said Borse. "When they are getting close to coming up next, we'll say, 'Sask Boys! You're up!' so, yeah, they'll play together sometimes and they're fun to watch. And everybody knows the Sask guys." This season, Borse and the recruiters at the RINK Winnipeg, were able to encourage three young Saskatchewan players to join the program and it's added a little jump to the team's lineup.

Bear, from Whitewood, Sask., was at the RINK last season and he's been joined for the 2022-23 campaign by another Whitewood player, Hudson Brehaut, and gritty Kaleb Dewar from Lanigan, Sask. "All three have different stories," explained Borse. "And it's neat to see three guys from Saskatchewan, all with different backgrounds who found different ways of getting information about our program. It's also intriguing to watch everyone put together the puzzle once they arrived. "Of course, they do have more in common than just coming from Saskatchewan. They all love the grit and the physical elements of the game. And they love to chatter on the ice. They play the game the right way and they're all smart. They don't just toss out those classic, awful chirps; they're creative. You have to turn your head on the bench to laugh sometimes when you hear them. It's exciting to watch these kids."

Let's meet the Sask Boys, with comments from Coach Jeff Borse:

Connor Bear RINK Hockey Academy Winnipeg Goal
Hudson Brehaut RINK Hockey Academy Winnipeg Goal
Kaleb Dewar RINK Hockey Academy Winnipeg Goal

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