By Scott Taylor
Photos by Dylan Asmundson

As Chase Charriere and Peyton Shore continue to improve as goaltenders in the RINK Hockey Academy's U15 Prep program, they might one day reach the same status their parents have reached in their chosen professions. After all, Charriere's mom and dad, Shawn Charriere and Christina Dolinski, are the husband and wife team that operates West Wind Stables in Oak Bluff, the largest, most comprehensive equestrian venue in Manitoba. They are giants in the equine field in this province. 

Meanwhile, Shore's father, Randal, is a visual effects producer and production management executive with Industrial Light and Magic. His movie and TV credits include "Doctor Strange," "The Mandalorian," "Black Widow," "Captain Marvel," "Black Panther," etc. His mom is Kyla Koskie-Shore, the assistant women's basketball coach at the University of Manitoba. As sons of successful people, Chase and Peyton might feel they have added pressure to succeed, but then again, as goaltenders, they both know there is always pressure. It just goes with the territory.

Chase Charriere Goalie RINK Hockey Academy

The impressive part is the fact they are both exceptional at their positions and for U15 Prep assistant coach lan Duval, it's a key factor in the team's early success this season. "Both Peyton and Chase have been really good for us this year," said Duval. "The biggest thing for me is their compete level and their attitudes. They don't quit on plays. On second chances and rebounds, they're battling to make those saves. And we love their positivity, too. They're always supporting each other and they work hard for each other and they're pushing each other daily. "With our teams and our programs, we like to give the guys even play until the end of the season, so they earn extra work in the playoffs," Duval added. "There is intense competition within their relationship, but nonetheless, they help each other and lift each other out and that's a big ingredient of the success of our team. "It's important to support each other and not get on each other. They put their egos aside and they've been playing really well for us."

Both goaltenders arrived at the RINK via different routes, although according to Charriere, it might have been the exact same route were it not for the competitive boundaries set by Hockey Manitoba. "I lived in Oak Bluff and had to travel pretty much every day for a practice or a game to play at Central Plains and the rink was more than an hour from my house," he said. "I'd get home from school at four and end up getting home from the rink at 10 almost every day. And if I lived across the road, I'd have played 15 minutes away and Shoresie would have been my teammate with the Wild last year. It's so much better now. I live right down the road from the RINK. "It's a perfect situation, too. We go to school in the morning and play hockey all afternoon. It just gets you prepared for everything."

Peyton Shore Goalie RINK Hockey Academy

Shore played all his minor hockey in Vancouver and his family moved back to Winnipeg as his mom took over as head coach of the Bisons' women's basketball team. His mom was an outstanding player on two national championship basketball teams at the U of M. Teams that are honoured members of the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame. "When I was eight months old, I moved to Vancouver and then, in 2020, we moved back to Winnipeg." Shore said. "I played with the Rangers for my U13 year and it was shut down because of COVID. I played U15 last year with the Wild Gold and this year, I'm here at the RINK. But I had experience with the RINK. Last year, I went to Laidlaw School and did R-1 at the RINK."

Meanwhile, Charriere started to play hockey at seven and admits he was a goalie almost from the first game he ever played. "I started playing hockey when I was about seven years old (he played all minor hockey in Macdonald and Oak Bluff and then went to Portage for one year of AAA) and I started to be a goalie pretty much right away. My dad forced me to try other positions first because I wanted to be a goalie right away. Before I was born, my dad played as a goalie, too. He was a goalie in the WHL, but he hurt his knee. I wanted to be a goalie to carry on where he left off. Since I started, I've just fallen in love with goaltending and I want to become as good as I can be." Both players are in their WHL Draft season and both admit they think about the Draft almost every day. That might be one of many reasons they have become so close.

Scott Taylor | Game On Magazine