April 15th - 17th, 2022


The 2022 RINK Hockey Academy U18 Evaluation Camp will be held in the RINK Training Centre located at 57 South Landing Drive, Oak Bluff, MB. The Evaluation Camp is a great opportunity for participants to play with and against some of the best players at the U18 level, while receiving elite coaching and training from the RINK’s professional coaching and training staff. On and off ice testing will be done by RINK Testify Performance providing feedback and information of testing results.  Position specific skill sessions will be designed by RINK Player and Goalie Development coaches with optimal player/coach ratios to maximize the quality of instruction and learning for players. Each player will have the opportunity to play four team scrimmages. A meeting with the RHA coaching staff will be available for each participant following their team’s final scrimmage on Sunday, April 17th, and further information will be provided then regarding the team selection and registration process.  


  •  5x On Ice Sessions 

    • 1x Position specific skills session w/ RINK Player & Goalie Development coaches 

      • Forward & Defense: 60 min position specific practice led by RINK Player Dev. Coaches 

      • Goalies: 30 min position specific practice led by RINK Goalie Dev. Coaches; in addition to 60 min skills practice with skaters 

    • 4x Scrimmages  

  • On and off ice testing performed by RINK Testify Performance 

  • Special guest presentations 

  • Meeting w/ RHA coaches providing testing information and camp evaluation feedback 

  • RINK Hockey Academy program information and facility tours available 

  • Information provided of program offerings with RINK Player & Goalie Development and Testify Performance